House rules

In the following, the house rules are outlined. Please read them carefully as they are integral part of the contract between the hosts and the guests. If not respected, the owner may use the deposit as a refund.

  • Check-in can be done between 4 PM and 8 PM.
  • Check-out must be before 10 AM.
  • The guests provide a deposit of 1000€. Airbnb guests are excluded.
  • No pets are allowed, not even momentarily.
  • It is not allowed to smoke. Please note that this is also regulated by Italian law.
  • It is not allowed to organize events, parties or invite several people without the explicit consent of the hosts.
  • The house can host an infant, we provide a high-chair and a baby cod. However, there is an unfenced stair and other possible dangers for the baby. Thus, it is responsibility of the guests to supervise the infant.
  • All the guests must provide their identity card for the registration to the local police. If not done, the hosts will contact the authorities.
  • The guests must dispose of the trash following the regulations of the Carate Urio municipality. Instructions can be found here.
  • Como lake is subject to quick changes in the wind conditions. It is responsibility of the guests to only operate the sun shutters if supervised, and to close them in case the wind becomes strong.
  • It is forbidden to set up a tent in the garden.
  • It is not allowed to modify the settings of the pool. If the guests want to change something (temperature, time of filtration, ecc…) they must ask the host to do it. The host will verify the feasibility and, in case, modify the settings.
  • To operate the whirlpool, please refer to the dedicated instructions. In order to maintain a clean water, it required to have a shower before the use.
  • Any damage that is discovered during check-in must be immediately reported to the host.
  • We provide a courtesy starter pack with products for the bathroom and the kitchen. They are not intended to be sufficient for all of the stay. The guests are responsible for buying the products they needs.

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